Installation Manual of Inflatable Rubber Mandrel

  1. Place mandrels into negative reinforcement cages.
    • Apply the mold discharging agent to the inflatable rubber mandrels surface evenly.
    • Let the inflatable rubber mandrels through the reinforcement cages with the help of rope traction. And the inflating nozzle should be outside the cage.
  2. Inflate.
    • Open the value and inflate. And monitor the pressure with pressure gauge in the process of inflating.
    • Close the air intake value when the pressure is up to the appropriate working pressure.
    • Do not make the mandrel pressure over the working pressure.
  3. Fix and pour concrete.
    • Mandrels float when the concrete vibrates, so mandrels should be fixed from all sides to avoid floating. Besides, placing pressing block on mandrel can overcome the buoyancy to some certain. Normally, if the diameter of mandrel is 250mm, then the stirrup spacing will be 80cm. If the diameter increases, stirrup spacing should be reduced accordingly.
    • The method of concrete pouring is the same as that of the solid components basically. In case of the mandrels displacement, you need high frequency insert or vibrate rods on both sides at the same time. Vibrating rod end is better not to touch the inflatable mandrel.
  4. Remove inflatable rubber mandrels.
  5. Wash mandrel and check if it is leaked.

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