• There are twelve inflatable pipe plugs on the grass, and they have different sizes.
  • There is one inflatable rubber mandrel in the warehouse, and it is nearly ten meters long.
  • A row of black marine airbags are used to launch a red vessel
  • Two rows of black heavy lifting airbags are used to lift and move caissons

Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. is one of professional manufacturers of rubber marine airbags located in Northern industrial park, Hengshui, Hebei, China. Since the establishment of our company, the skills and experience as well as accumulated knowledge indicate everything we have been doing - innovation, pursuit and development constantly.

Our products include inflatable pipe plug, bypass pipe plug,  inflatable culvert balloon, ship launching airbags, marine salvage airbags, heavy lifting airbags, Our range of products are widely used in pipe repairing,maintenance,testing,culvert making,ship launching, ship salvage etc.


 There are many companies manufacturing rubber products, but we believe that we are your best and first choice, because we can provide you with high quality products and excellent service from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale service.


High quality
We have advanced equipment and skilled workers to produce super high quality products. What’s more, we have large workshops and warehouses to manufacture and contain the products. Besides, we have specialized testing rooms which are used to check and test our products to ensure that our products are qualified.




Fast delivery
We will try our best to finish manufacturing the products after we receive the deposit. And we will deliver the tested products to our customers as soon as possible. What’s more, we will make the products well-packaged to ensure that they cannot be damaged easily in the transportation



Excellent service
We will provide our customers with excellent service from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale service. We have professional staff giving you specialized guidance based on your questions. And we supply complete rubber products parameters and other introductions. Besides, we will provide the correct using method and matters need to attention.







We have established long-term cooperation relationships with many large companies. And we welcome more customers to cooperate with us. Contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our products. And you can email us at info@marineairbags.com if you have any questions.












Hot Products
  • Inflatable rubber culvert balloon, in various shapes and sizes, is designed to form a cavity for bridges, roofs, stakes and various concrete structures.

  • Inflatable pipe plugs are designed to offer professional leaking hunting for drainage pipelines.

  • Marine salvage airbags, lightweight structures with lifting belts and buckles, are perfect to support floating structures and jack sunken vessels up.

  • Ship launching airbags, composed of synthetic-tire-cord & rubber layers and metal end fittings, are ideal for ship launching and hauling out.

Technology List

We provide our customers with free knowledge about the preservation and repair of inflatable rubber mandrels.

We provide our customers with free knowledge about the installation of inflatable rubber mandrel.

Do you know how to launch vessels in a right way? Come here to learn about it to avoid damages of vessel's hull or launching failures.

Do you know how to lift and move heavy caisson in a simple way? Come here to learn about the detail method of lifting and moving caissons.

Do you know how to select appropriate marine airbags? Come here to learn how to select the right one in proper sizes to suit your scheme.

The failure of ship launching may caused by ignoring following risks including water level, launch ramp and holding system.